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September 30, 2022
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Frequently Asked Questions
Updated On: Aug 09, 2021


How do I contact the Health, Welfare and Insurance Fund?

Benefits Manager: Denise Reyes 508-230-9450, ext. 1    email:

Benefits Specialist: Kevin Araujo  508-230-9450, ext. 2   email:

General Fax: 508-230-7147


I just got married, how do I add my spouse to my insurance?

Please provide completed enrollment forms, an updated beneficiary card and the required documents within 30 days of your marriage. Contact the Fund office at 508-230-9450  to request the enrollment forms. We require a copy of your Marriage Certificate, your spouse's Birth Certificate, and your spouse's Social Security Number.  You may mail a copy of these documents to us or you can bring them in and we will be happy to make a copy of them here.

My new spouse has children from a previous marriage, are they covered?

Your legal dependent stepchildren are covered up to age 26 for most benefits.  Please refer to the Summary Plan Description for an explanation of benefits and extensions for disabilities.

How do I add my newborn child to my insurance?

To add a new child to your policy we require completed enrollment forms, a copy of the Birth Certificate, and the child's Social Security Number.  In the event the official Birth Certificate and Social Security number is not immediately available, the hospital should provide an unofficial Certificate of Birth to you, which you may use for enrollment.  You must later provide a copy of the official Birth Certificate and Social Security card to us once you receive it.  Please provide at least the enrollment forms and unofficial Certificate of Birth within 30 days of your child’s birth.

I received my Blue Cross Blue Shield cards, but not my Dental or Prescription cards.

You will usually receive your Blue Cross Blue Shield cards between 7-10 business days after your information is keyed in. The Delta Dental and Prescription cards may take 10-15 business days.

Why did I receive two Dental cards and they both have my name on them?

Except for the prefix, your ID numbers are the same for all providers except DeltaDental. In the event you have been enrolled and have not received your cards, your medical, prescription, dental or vision provider should be able to confirm your coverage through their online system.

If you do not receive your cards, please call the Health and Welfare office at (508) 230-9450.

What do I do if I lose my Blue Cross Blue Shield / Delta Dental / Prescription card?

Contact the Health and Welfare office at (508) 230-9450 to request a new card.  If you need to use your coverage in the meantime, the Fund Office can provide your Subscriber ID Number and Group Number.

What is a PPO?

PPO stands for "Preferred Provider Organization."  It is a group of hospitals and physicians contracting on a fee-for-service basis with insurance companies to provide comprehensive medical service.  A PPO differs from an HMO in that you are free to choose your own health care provider.  Out-of-Network provider charges may be subject to a deductible.  The Blue Cross Blue Shield website provides a Find Care tool to locate a provider and confirm whether the provider is in or out-of-network.


Why do I need to keep my pay stubs?

You should always keep your pay stubs as a record of your employment and hours worked.  If there is a discrepancy or if your employer is behind in submitting eligibility information to the Fund Office, your pay stubs may help with determining your eligibility.

I am no longer working for my former employer, how long am I covered?

You should contact the Health and Welfare office at (508) 230-9450 to verify the length of your coverage, which is likely until our next review (March 1 and September 1) or even longer if you have worked enough hours. Continuation of coverage is contingent upon you continuing to pay your Union dues. When you are terminated, you will be notified of your option to elect COBRA continuation of coverage.

What is COBRA?

COBRA allows an individual and qualified dependents whose eligibility terminates to continue their health plan coverage under certain circumstances by paying directly to the Fund. For more information, refer to the COBRA section of your Summary Plan Description.

How much does COBRA cost?

The monthly rates for COBRA continuation of coverage are reviewed and subject to an annual rate change.  Also, the rate is dependent upon whether you elect the Individual, Individual Plus One or Family Plan AND Medical, Prescription and Vision Coverage OR Medical, Prescription, Vision and Dental.  Contact the Health and Welfare office at (508) 230-9450 for the current rates.


I filed for Out-of-Work weekly benefits, when will my first check be mailed?

The Fund processes disability on Tuesdays and checks are mailed by Thursday. Your claim will be processed once the Fund office has received the properly completed form.  The form must be fully completed by you, your employer and physician.

Additional documents and/or a signed agreement may be required if the injury/illness occurred at work or through an accident.

Please contact the Fund office at 508-230-9452 for the required form.  We are unable to process claims unless all sections are completed.  Please impress upon your medical provider that all sections of the Physician section must be completed.

If you return to work prior to the date stated by your physician, you must immediately inform the Fund Office.

I haven't returned to work yet and my checks stopped.  What's this Continuance form?

We will periodically require a Continuance of Disability form completed by you and your physician attesting that you are still unable to return to work.  When you receive this form with your check, you must have it completed and returned to us as soon as possible, as you may not receive another check until it is received and processed.

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