Helping Other Workers Organize

You have an important role to play in supporting the Teamsters program to organize new groups of workers.

Helping them organize is good for them because they can win new rights and benefits. But it also benefits current members of the union.

A bigger and stronger union can win better contracts and better laws for all of us.

Employers often argue that union members should be brought down to the lower wage and benefit levels of the unorganized.

Our organizing efforts create victories for all workers - union as well as non-union - by raising the standard, ensuring that we can all have better and more secure jobs.

Teamster officers and staff lead our organizing efforts–but they can't do it alone. Successful organizing drives often depend on Teamster members who give their time to explain the benefits of being a member to unorganized workers.

How You Can Get Involved

  • Offer to help with union organizing. Ask your local union about current organizing efforts.
  • Talk to unorganized workers, friends, and neighbors about the importance of being a union member.
  • Help make our union strong and democratic–by being involved in the programs described on this page–so that unorganized workers will want to join us.