A Changing Union for a Changing World

The Teamsters Union has a proud history, going back to its founding in 1903.

We were originally a Drivers' union. But as the Teamsters grew stronger, those drivers came into contact with thousands of workers in warehouses, factories, offices, hospitals, local government, and many different kinds of businesses who also needed a union.

Today, the 1.4 million Teamsters hold just about every kind of job found in the US and Canada.

With new approaches and programs, the International Union is working closely with locals to:

  • Strengthen our bargaining power.
  • Increase our clout in politics.
  • Help workers without unions to organize.
  • Build unity among all levels of the union.
  • Ensure union members democratic rights.
  • Get family members and retirees involved in union activities.
  • Build closer ties with other unions and community organizations.